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Curriculum Vitae

David Wright

David Wright is a graduate of the University of British Columbia where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Education degree. For the past 20 years, he has been teaching high school at B.C. Christian Academy in Port Coquitlam. When he’s not teaching, he keeps busy reading, writing and running marathons. He has a lovely wife, two sparkling daughters and more than 50 published short stories in 40 magazines. His latest novels are available at Smashwords and Amazon. His latest project is an indie website for emerging writers at

David can be reached at the following email address:

Published Works:

“Bill” 2004 Humor for a Teacher’s Heart USA (Print)
“Two Dimensional Swimming” May 2004 Anotherealm USA
“The Monarch of Central Park” July 2004 AntipodeanSF Australia
“The Lost Generation” August 2004 Alien Skin USA
“Hitler Skin Deep” October 2005 Anotherealm USA
“Cosmonaut” November 2005 Astounding Tales USA
“What’s in the Bag?” January 2006 Flash Me USA
“Hiroshima” February 2006 The Sword Review USA
“The 11th Hour” March 2006 Alien Skin USA
“Better Dentistry through Nanotechnology” April 2006 Alien Skin USA
“Specified Perils” June 2006 Forgotten Worlds United Kingdom
“Tower to Heaven” June 2006 Aoife’s Kiss USA
“Babel Frequency” July 2006 Brew City USA (Print)
“Electric Vampires” July 2006 Tabloid Purposes III USA (Print)
“The Filial Daughter” September 2006 Anotherealm USA
“Echoes from Radioland” November 2006 Planet Magazine USA
“In the House of Giants” December 2006 Martian Wave USA (Print)
“The Martian Marathon” January 2007 Atom Jack USA
“The Invigilator” April 2007 Ethereal Gazette USA (Print)
“Climax Speciation” August 2007 Alien Skin USA
“The Lost Generation” August 2007 Neo-Opsis Canada (Print)
“The Beggar’s Tale” Winter 2008 MindFlights USA (Print)
“Hiroshima” December 2008 Aphelion USA
“Cosmonaut” May 2009  Atom Jack USA
“Murder on the Martian Express” May 2009 Cover of Darkness (anthology) USA (Print)
“Hitler Skin Deep” August 2009 RevolutionSF USA
“1000th Floor” Nov/Dec 2009 Ascent Aspirations USA
“Antimatter Dreams” December 2009 Aphelion USA
“Babel Frequency” March 2010 Fear and Trembling USA
“The Invigilator” July 2010 Chaos Butterfly USA
“Electric Vampires” August 2010 Fear & Trembling USA
“Climax Speciation” December 2010 Niteblade USA
“Industrial Magic” February 2011 Tower of Light Fantasy USA (Print)
“Paganini’s Secret” February 2011 Residential Aliens USA

“Two Dimensional Swimming” March 2011 AntipodeanSF Australia

“Teaching in Purgatory” August 2011 Funny Short Story USA
“Gold Tooth” August 2011 Inspirational Short Story USA
Flight of the Cosmonaut (eBook) November 2011 Smashwords /2013 Kindle
“The Boatman’s Price” December 2011 The Nautilus Engine
“Genie in a Bottle” January 2012 Larks Fiction Magazine
“Une Mille Terror” April 2012 Yellow Mama
“Flight of the Cosmonaut” (excerpt) September 2012 Congruent Spaces
Codename Vengeance August 2012 Smashwords
Elf Lord March 2013 Smashwords / Amazon Kindle

“Building Hyperion” December 2012 Liquid Imagination

Codename Vengeance January 2013 Podiobooks (Audiobook)

Elf Lord March 2013 Smashwords (ebook) Amazon Kindle (ebook)

“The Airships of 1776” October 2012 eSteampunk

“Escape from Oz” September 2013 Aurora Wolf

“The Boatman’s Price” September 2013 Silver Blade

“Paganini’s Secret” October 2013 Lacuna

“Hitler Skin Deep” November 2013 Pulp Corner (ebook story)

“Little Collectibles” May 2014 Over My Dead Body!

“Bestseller” June 2014 Heater (eFiction Anthology)

“Song of the Whale Rider” August 2014 Redwing (Amazon)

“Martian Marathon” September 2014 Aphelion (*best short stories of 2014)

“Blank Space” September 2014 Perihelion

“The Oracle” October 2014 Silverthought

“Echoes from Radioland” April  2015 Aphelion

“Spirit and Opportunity” April 2015 365 Tomorrows

“Fathers of Mars” August 2015 Martian Wave (Print Anthology)

“Hiroshima” August 2015 Liquid Imagination Online

“Jurisprudence in Cyberspace” September 2015 Aurora Wolf

“Specified Perils” September 2015 Bewildering Stories

“A World Without Faces” February 2016 Over My Dead Body!

“Babel Frequency” May 2016 Deadman’s Tome: Book of Horrors

“Space Junk” July 2016 Anotherealm

“Downriver at the End of the World” December 2016 Outliers II (Print Anthology)

Filial Daughter August 2017 The Overcast 69 (podcast)

The Big Smoke December 2017 Vancouver Anthology

Beggar’s Tale Jan 2018 Silver Pen Anthology 2017

Ghosts of Anacortes June 2018 Over My Dead Body!



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