Flight of the Cosmonaut (Video)

(ebook now available at Untreed Reads)

Untreed Reads: Flight of the Cosmonaut

While America boldly announced the beginning of its fledgling space program to the world, a silent and desperate race had already begun in the heart of the Soviet Union. The prize? – To be the first nation to put a man in space. For this adventure, a new breed of hero would have to be chosen. In America, they were called Astronauts, but in the Soviet Union, they went by a different name. Shrouded in mystery, they trained behind the iron curtain for the flight of their lives. Their successes would be paraded through the streets of Moscow, their deaths concealed in a cloak of secrecy that would last decades. These were the brave, young Soviet test pilots with the “right stuff” to ride a fireball past the edge of the world. These were the cosmonauts.

Now for the first time since the cold war began, the untold story of the Soviet space race will finally be revealed. Was Yuri Gagarin really the first man in space, or were there others, phantom cosmonauts whose names and faces were erased from the official records for reasons of political expediency and national propaganda?

Flight of the Cosmonaut sifts myth, fact and fiction to tell the story of Georgi Petrov, a brave, young Soviet test pilot who is recruited into the secret cosmonaut corps to make history or die trying. Georgi quickly finds himself caught up in a web of danger and political intrigue from which death may be the only escape. If the volatile rockets don’t kill him, surely the KGB will. And what of the tyrannical cosmonaut Commander and the mysterious rocket scientist without a name, the man who put Sputnik in space and launched a rocket to the moon? How many lives are they willing to sacrifice to achieve their ambitious goals? Georgi must ask himself – Is it worth dying for? But if he ever hopes to escape his bitter past and start a new life with the green-eyed girl of his dreams, he has to take this one desperate chance for glory.

He has to become a cosmonaut!


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